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Japan Vol. 2


So these are somethings I have had in the works. Surprise.  We will be heading to Japan soon and that means another book.  WHOO HOO.  This one will be more of a sketchbook or sorts.

This time you can also follow the adventure. I will be posting not only images, but video of our trip on this page, the facebook fan book page and the youtube page.  I wanted to live stream, but sadly, my cellphone carrier put the squash on that… but….. videos should be uploaded when you wake up since I will be posting from the future.

I’m also going to make this a bit interactive.  Where do you want me to go in Japan?  Have a place you want me to visit?  Tell me in the comments!!  I will try to do my best to get there and take video and devote that video directly to you.  Yes, you!  So what would you like to see?  The Pokemon center in Tokyo?  Or the Massive Gundam in Odaiba?  Leave it in the comments and then look for the video.  I will be posting more about the trip as we get closer to leaving.

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