side effects of drugs on health


That’s right.  Allergies.  Pollen here in GA is crazy ridiculous right now.  Ugh.

I don’t know if you heard but there was an announcement on the Casually Kayla page:
There will be a Casually Kayla in Japan vol 2. This new volume will be more of a sketch diary and will be more sketches of the trip. I will also be including a cloissoine pins with all books. this book will be 200% better than the first book. Better images done with Copic markers and sketch pens and printed by a better printer, Just an all around better book. WHOOP WHOOP! Also, I will be live streaming directly from Japan on this trip. That’s right!! Experience our days in Japan and see what we see as we enjoy our time there. All live streams will start the morning of and I will try to let them last all day or as much as my battery allows. Links will be posted, so be on the look out. Isn’t this some great news? I hope you all think so. So I will let you all know when we are leaving for Japan and when the live streams will begin. We will be on a major time difference, so live streams will then be posted on youtube for replays for everyone to see. Casually Kayla is going to a new level with this one. XD

I will keep everyone posted as the time comes closer.

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