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The comic is coming back!  Excited?!

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Well, it’s almost that time of year again– the time where everyone lays out their goals for the coming year in hopes of achieving them. I like to make goals but it seems like I always fall pretty short. My list for last year, though, was not all failure.

+2010 Goals+
-Go to Japan
-Comic popularity
-New Business
-Portfolio Site
-Casually Kayla Japan Mini comic
-New Bathroom this turned out completely awful.
-Update Comic site
-New desk took you down old desk!!!
-Remodel Kitchen
-More conventions
-More travel

As you can see, not a lot was crossed off that list, but I hope to get better in 2011.

+ 2011 Goals+
– Comic Popularity
– A store for the comic, once it gets popular
-Casually Kayla Mini comics
– More travel
– Go to more conventions
– Portfolio Site
– A drawing blog where I post new art once a week
– Draw more, besides Casually Kayla
– Become more proud of my art and don’t always throw it away
– Remodel kitchen
– Remodel Bathroom
-Get a action building in the back yard
– Save more money

EDIT: The forum will appear in a new window.
For anyone who didn’t know. Casually Kayla now has a forum.
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Check it out!

WOW! Casually Kayla is officially one year old today!! I cannot believe it’s already been a one year since I started this comic! I can’t believe I haven’t quit yet!
We all know what happens on birthdays, right? You get PRESENTS! That’s right! As a special thank you for supporting this web comic for a full year, I am giving one lucky person a $25.00 gift card, that can be used where ever you see fit! That’s right! I’m showering you with gifts! How will I choose the lucky person? Easy.

Here are the rules:
* comment on this post and tell me why you love Casually Kayla so much. One comment per person please (make sure you leave your email address, so if you win, I can contact you)
* Only comments to this post actually count!
* all comments received after the contest has ended will be void!
Pretty simple, if I do say so myself!

The contest ends Sunday, October 17 at 8pm EST. So make sure to get your comments in. I will announce the winner the next day and email them for their mailing address. So, get out there and win you some prizes!

Thank you all for supporting me through this year and sticking with me through my updates and showing this comic some love!


Voting has closed! Thank you all for voting and helping me figure out what is missing from Casually Kayla. The votes are in and the winner is : More updates during the week followed by a posted Update schedule. So these initiatives will go into effect on Monday, starting with the more updates and then with the… posted update schedule. Thanks so much for all your help 🙂

Hey everyone!  Thank you once again for supporting the Casually Kayla web comic!

Hello Everyone.
I hate to come back to have to share some heart breaking news, but unfortunately I do.

One of our close friends just lost his mother on March 20, 2010.    She had a terrible case of Pneumonia and had become septic.   Now, with any death, there are finances that need to be paid.  His mother was all he had and now, without her, he is at a loss.   He does not even have the funds to bury his mother at this point.   To me, this is just not right.    I know, at this time, not everyone can spare tons of cash or anything but I hoping that we can all reach down in our hearts and donate any amount of money to help him out right now.    Anything would be greatly appreciated at this point and I think you all in advance for looking at this post.  I am not great at expressing things at a time like this but please, just look deep in your heart and please help as much as you can.

I have placed a donate button on the bottom on this post and I will also add the donate button on the side for future visitors.

Just a tiny reminder that I will be going on vacation in the beginning of March, so this site will be a quiet for a little while.  But, I will be sketching while on my trip and hope to have some ” Casually Kayla’s on the road” to put up..