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For all of you who don’t know, DAR, the super girly comic ended today. It is a sad day in web comic/ comic history.
*CRY* This comic was great!! It was an autobiographical comic about Erika Moen’s life, including her struggles with her sexuality, being an artist, etc. It started in 2003 and continued on well into 2009. She and her comic were truly an inspiration and even though I only just found Dar about a year ago, I have been following Erika for a long time on Live journal. She is a great artist and she doesn’t hesitate to say whatever is on her mind. Stop by and check out DAR. Even though it is now gone, it will always be remembered.


I figured I should probably update this since the site is now live and up and running.

Welcome to Casually Kayla!!  A weekly web comic about stuff that tends to happen in my life, past and present.  I’m Kayla, a freelance artist, trying to make it in this crazy world of real life and bills.

I try to update the best I can on Saturdays, but that might change to just ” updated weekly”.  It all really depends on my schedule during the day.

Check the blogs or my twitter for updates on this site.   Also, we have a new Face book fan page where you will be able to see previews of upcoming comics and also just have a little fun being a fan.  The Face book page will also have updates as well. I guess it is all a matter of choosing your poison.

Please enjoy your stay and also, check out the links out of here to other great web comics or to other great blogs.  If you like anything you see on this site, please feel free to leave a comment or contact me as well.  I love getting new mail.

Thanks so much for your time.  Enjoy your stay and come back to visit!