So we finally have a new comic. Yes I know.  I have some explaining to do.  It’s a prostate exam.  Fun for the whole family, right?! right?! No?

Well, you might have noticed that I have been MIA for a bit.  I has been due to migraines, I have seem to developed. Yes, migraines everyday, have become my new normal and that is not a fun normal.  I have been working with my doctor to get it under control but so far, none of the new medication is working.  I’m hoping we can figure something out soon, because the migraines leave me pretty much laid up in bed, unable to have any light in the room or deep in sleep.  I just can’t function.  So that is why, Casually kayla and Carbon have been on a forced hiatus.  I am hoping to get better soon and get things back working smoothly.



Other than that, I have said that 2015 would be a great year and dammit, it will be.  It will be Daniel and my 10 year anniversary and hopefully we will be able to go back to Japan.  I’m hopeful for it.  I don’t want to say we are going because I don’t want to get my hopes up until we are on that flight.  I hope to have a new mini comic up called, ” annnd that’s how we died” staring my buddy, Betsy and I hope to get back focused on Carbon. 2015 is gonna be awesome.  So with that said, thank you for sticking with me through this hiatus.  I hope to feel better soon.

I hope you enjoy the comic that comes after my hiatus.

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