WOW! Casually Kayla is officially one year old today!! I cannot believe it’s already been a one year since I started this comic! I can’t believe I haven’t quit yet!
We all know what happens on birthdays, right? You get PRESENTS! That’s right! As a special thank you for supporting this web comic for a full year, I am giving one lucky person a $25.00 gift card, that can be used where ever you see fit! That’s right! I’m showering you with gifts! How will I choose the lucky person? Easy.

Here are the rules:
* comment on this post and tell me why you love Casually Kayla so much. One comment per person please (make sure you leave your email address, so if you win, I can contact you)
* Only comments to this post actually count!
* all comments received after the contest has ended will be void!
Pretty simple, if I do say so myself!

The contest ends Sunday, October 17 at 8pm EST. So make sure to get your comments in. I will announce the winner the next day and email them for their mailing address. So, get out there and win you some prizes!

Thank you all for supporting me through this year and sticking with me through my updates and showing this comic some love!

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  1. Will

    I love Casually Kayla cause she is just such a SEXY BEAST.

    Just kidding, Casually Kayla is great because it’s a throwback to comics like calvin and hobbes and outland mixed with wacky anime like ranma 1/2. It reminds me of why comics are so much fun, that imagination takes you to whole new world that movies and video games flesh out too much. With just a few simple words and pictures I can create half the story myself and that makes it more personal. Plus its DIY from a real person sweating on it from spare time wrangled in the wee hours of the night and mornings. That inspires me to be more creative. -Will

  2. Jamie

    I love Casually Kayla because it’s very funny. And I’m a character. And it’s real life. It’s not some animal or other character spitting out lines. It’s Kayla spitting out lines she done spit out. Yo.

    Ummmm, and I love Casually Kayla cause she’s giving away a free $25 gift card. Lol. That’s awesome.

    And cause her comic art is really nice to look at. Like, those oysters, really looked slimy and crap. Awesome.

  3. Lisa

    What’s not to love about Kayla and Casually Kayla? There’s everything to love about it! EVERYTHING! *insert excited waving of havds*

    That’s right, it’s an amazing webcomic, drawn well and makes me laugh every time! Kayla is great at writing a story filled with giggles at the end. I am inspired by Kayla because she has been working on her comic a year, has stuck beside it and not given up!!! We’re proud of you, Kayla and please give us more wonderful Casually Kayla comics forever and always 😀

  4. Lydia Williams

    I love Casually Kayla because I love the creator. It’s really great to know someone that will be very famous and rich one day. Your comic has a way of making us laugh at real life and we all need to laugh and not take life so seriously. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  5. Jeremy

    Its kewl to see stuff that actually happens be turned into a comic shortly after.And then add the anime like expressions and actions into it and it becomes even better.Always gives me a good laugh. Keep up the good work Kayla 😀


  6. Jessica

    I love casually kayla because its funny and just boss all around. I love the comics and they are drawn well. And it involves animals :D!. We love you Kayla <3