Casually Kayla is a comic retelling of all the funny things that happen in the life of Kayla Davis.

It all started when everyone told me I should be in comics or something funny like that because my life, to them, was pretty freaking hilarious.  I didn’t see it– sometimes I still don’t, but now I’m catching on.    The comic is 100% true and the only thing changed ( if you’re lucky) are the names of the innocent.

Casually Kayla is update every Sunday for now, and might gain a few more days in between at a later date.


I’m a 30-something gamer, artist girl who is adjusting to being a real- life adult working in the real world.  Most of the time I still feel like a kid, though.  I have a degree from the Atlanta College of Art, which is now SCAD in Atlanta, in Computer Animation and Character Design.  I work for an insurance company which is widely known for having a mascot that quacks.  Enough said.  I wish I had an art job, but I live in an area that can only be described as ” uber rural” and with an economy that is not so hot, that is not likely to happen now. Maybe someday in the future.  A girl can dream can’t she?  My dream is to move to Japan or Canada one day and be the happiest little girl there ever was.

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